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Early Years & Primary

I just wanted to say how lovely it was to be listening to what you have to offer and the wonderful learning activities. I am looking forward to engaging with parents differently. THANK YOU, and I will join you each Thursday!

Katrina Nicholson

Reception Teacher and Community Lead, Chapel Street Primary, Manchester.




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There has been a mixed response to the government's announcement of schools reopening across England this week.  While it is welcomed by many parents who are reaching saturation point with their children's remote learning or who need to get back to work, it has also sparked concerns. 


How to improve persistently poor attendance.

Research shows that effective engagement often leads to increased attendance, and it can also be linked to higher academic achievement. Additionally, it can have a positive effect on pupils' attitudes to learning and on their behaviour.

How do you tackle the literacy gap?


The literacy gap is the disparity in reading and writing skills between children from the poorest backgrounds and those from wealthier backgrounds. On average, children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds start school 19 months behind other children. Sadly, this gap only widens as they get older.