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How well are schools helping parents to support their child’s learning?

Nov 18, 2021

A new research report, How well are schools helping parents to support their child’s learning?, has been published by Firefly Learning. It provides a valuable insight into the views of schools and parents about how this important relationship can support children’s learning. 


The research brings together the views of more than 2000 teachers and parents and education and parenting experts, including ParentKind, Learning with Parents, Parental Engagement Network and The Key Support Services. The report is free to download and identifies a number of key insights, including:

  • Parents want more personalised information about their child’s learning. Schools all provide help and support to parents to understand what their child is learning, but the research suggests that there is scope to do more.   
  • Parents are positive about their child’s school, but teachers don’t receive this. Parents are overwhelmingly positive about their child’s school (83%). But teachers are less sure about whether their school meets parents’ expectations (67%). This mismatch suggests that communications could be better.  
  • Schools are more optimistic about using technologies like video conferencing or parent portals to support engagement with parents. However, parents still cling to email as the most helpful way to receive information. This is challenging for schools as emails can be time-consuming and hard to track. 

The report also provides practical suggestions and recommendations that can be used as starting points for further reflection.

To download the report, visit https://fireflylearning.com/parent-engagement-free-report/

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