Janet Davies plays pass the ball with attendees of a training event.

Janet Davies retires.

news Jul 13, 2021

At the end of this school year, after three years as PEN's Managing Director, Janet Davies has announced her retirement:

“It has been a privilege to lead PEN, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the brilliant PEN team and the hard-working staff working in PEN schools, all striving to make a difference for children, young people and their families."

Janet has spent 40 years working in the Education Sector. She has enjoyed the challenge of working and learning from school leaders, teachers, children and their families across all phases of education before first working with the Parental Engagement Network as a consultant in 2013.

Jane Coogan, PEN’s Director for Primary Education, said:

“Janet has been inspirational in her work promoting parental engagement for many years, and it has been amazing to learn so much from her over the past 8 years through PEN. In recent years, she has taken PEN forward with passion and incredible commitment as Managing Director. It will be exciting to see PEN develop in the coming years based on such a strong foundation.
Janet's relaxed and easy-going manner has made working with her a pleasure, and her ability to laugh and break the ice in meetings and training events is second to none!”

Helen Beswick, who joined PEN in 2016, will take the role of MD and heads up an innovative, experienced and exciting team ready to continue Janet’s valuable work.

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