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So what is Parental Engagement?

Sep 09, 2021

At a recent event, after our presentation, we were asked, 'but what do you do?'

It’s a valid question. Although you can't achieve good parental engagement by simply attending a course or purchasing an app, you would be forgiven for thinking that you can. Many services and products, particularly after the last year, promise to improve a school's parental engagement. But the truth is that they are each only part of the picture. To us at PEN, good parental engagement means building and maintaining strong learning relationships with every family at your school. Parental engagement is an ethos, a mindset, a culture, and a set of behaviours that promote partnerships for learning. Though there are many tools you can use to help, there isn't one quick fix. To commit to developing excellent parental engagement, you need to invest time.

At PEN, all our work is governed by knowing that parents are their child’s first educators and know their child best. We want schools and teachers to make the best use of this valuable resource and their families and communities. Parental engagement is about schools and teachers drawing on their wider, less conventional resources to, ultimately, meet the academic needs of their children.

So back to the question of 'what do you do?' We work with you to develop a parental engagement culture at your school. Being a PEN member means you have access to a year-long programme of support. We provide monthly meetings and a parental engagement toolkit of resources, research, strategies, and access to subsidised or fully funded projects. All these things will support your school in reaching out to parents and building life-long partnerships for learning.

Our programme for the coming term is as follows:

Whole School Parental Engagement - where to start.

EYFS & Primary: 14/09/21 11:30am

Secondary: 14/09/21 16:00pm

EYFS & Primary: 16/09/21 15:45pm

Home School Agreements – attendance, expectations.

Working in Partnership.

EYFS & Primary: 12/10/21 11:30am

Secondary: 12/10/21 16:00pm

EYFS & Primary: 14/10/21 15:45pm

What to expect when; involving families in assessment.

EYFS & Primary: 9/11/21 11:30am

Secondary: 9/11/21 16:00pm

EYFS & Primary: 11/11/21 15:45pm

Home learning or homework? Helping parents to support their children’s learning.

EYFS & Primary: 14/12/21 11:30am

Secondary: 14/12/21 16:00pm

EYFS & Primary: 16/12/21 15:45pm

Go to our home page to join PEN and grab your place now. Or contact helen@penetwork for more information. 

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