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Using Video to Model Learning

Jun 28, 2022

You all know how passionate we are at PEN about modelling learning to parents. Informing families of what their child will be learning in school is fundamental to parental engagement. We advocate bringing parents into school at any opportunity. But what about when it's just not possible or practical for parents to come to school?

We're delighted to have met Paul Rose from You Teach Me, a platform with a human video library of qualified teaching skills and knowledge that aims to meet this need. Paul has written this guest blog post to explain how teachers can use his platform to engage parents in their children's learning:


It's essential that parents know what we're about to teach their child, and we're good at communicating this, usually via written document. However, what is just as important, if not more, is showing parents how we're going to teach their children so they can replicate it at home. And for this, video is a helpful tool!

A written description of an activity, however carefully crafted, often falls short in explaining all the steps required. We all remember PB&J sandwich dad, right? However, if we make a short video modelling exactly how to do the activity and make it accessible to parents, they then have an easy-to-follow resource which allows them to continue to support their child's learning at home more accurately.

Of course, this already exists on Youtube. But one of the biggest barriers to helping parents' involvement in their child's education is the sheer quantity of video content available there. Finding the best content takes time that teachers and parents don't have. 

Since I left headship, I've been obsessed with creating the conditions that YouTube-style video use for supporting learning can become the norm in education. My vision is for a safe, online teaching community where any teacher can make videos to send to one or more of their learner's online accounts. Parents can watch the videos their child receives and support their child to learn in the same way they do at school. This creates a personalised, consistent approach to supporting parents' engagement in their children's education.

Imagine how powerful that is!

Michael is struggling with number lines. His parents can't help him as they don't know this method. They looked on Youtube and found some videos, but Michael got upset because they didn't use the same words Mrs Smith uses in school. Mrs Smith makes a short video showing how number lines work. Michael and his parents can watch together and easily replicate and practise the technique at home.

Imagine how beneficial it would be for teachers to share and access the videos made by the other teachers within their schools and their wider learning communities? Capturing teachers' specialisms and unique teaching skills and sharing them is key to achieving a rich provision of home learning materials that model the exact approaches used with children in their classrooms.

You Teach Me is a company that puts the inclusion of all learners at the heart of everything it does by providing precisely this service. Practitioners from all sectors can share their teaching purposefully through its unique platform. For example, content from teachers in special schools is used by mainstream teachers to support their learners with additional needs. Schools can also share these video resources with parents as personalised strategies modelled at home.

The next step for You Teach Me is to become a two-directional resource. We're working with leading SEND providers to build a new approach to evidencing progress towards EHCP outcomes. When complete, this will empower parents to share videos with their child's teacher, modelling progress at home and informing practice in school. 

But that's a story for another blog.

Paul Rose, YouTeachMe


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