The Mouse Club Project

Are you looking to:

  • Settle EYFS transition pupils into school life quickly?
  • Help staff build positive relationships with families, particularly families who do not traditionally engage with their child's learning or school?
  • Help parents understand how they can help their child get ready for and settle into school (including sleep, healthy diet, play, developing routines etc.)?
  • Give parents the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills to support their children's learning?
  • Help parents build relationships and support each other? 

 Then Mouse Club is for you!

What you'll get:

  • Project pack containing all the resources you need to run the project.
  • A starter pack of 8 mice, 8 Mouse Club bags and 8 'My Very Own Mouse' scrapbooks
  • 12 parent leaflets to support the development of skills for learning.
  • Data tools to measure impact.
  • Guidance notes on how to run the Mouse Club Project.
  • 18 Family Home Learning activity cards.

Resources are provided as a one-time physical pack and as e-documents to download and keep.

This transition and learning project gives you an opportunity to work with parents and families.

As partners in their child’s development, parents get to share with you their knowledge of their child; their strengths and their aptitudes.

Using the project framework and resources, you will be able to support the families’ understanding of ‘school readiness’.

Mouse Club provides opportunities for families to meet and engage in fun activities to ensure their children are ready for learning ensuring a smoother transition into school.

Once children have begun school, you can continue to use Mouse Club resources to support parents to provide a stimulating home learning environment throughout Nursery, Reception and Year 1 depending on the ability and need of the child.


What People Are Saying:

It has been extremely beneficial to our school. We will continue to run it and develop it through the school.

Teacher, Whaley Thorns Primary School.

The mouse became a trusted friend. Children really connected with this and the way they were able to use this to settle was invaluable.

Teacher, Birchfields Primary School

It helped me understand how to help my son. I love all the activities. I would recommend them to all parents.

Parent, Newall Green Primary School

The response from Mouse Club has been amazing. It gave us more opportunity to begin to build relationships with parents, and also answer any worries before they manifested! The Mouse has been a fantastic tool and the children are already very attached to them. It has been reported that they have really enjoyed the activities.

Teacher, Hillside Primary School

Mouse Club has been an excellent introduction into school life for my little boy. He was very nervous and anxious when I mentioned starting big school like his brother. Now he is happy, excited and can't wait.

Parent, Saxmundham Primary.

Fun, practical resources!

EYFS Teacher, Rackhouse Primary School.

He could hardly count at all before, but he loved making me do star jumps. Now he can count to 10 - it's amazing! We had such a lot of fun!

Parent, Romiley Primary School

I have got more confidence in working with parents, particularly in approaching them and speaking and advising them with how they can help their children at home.

Teacher, Rackhouse Primary School

I have been very impressed by the uptake and the very positive outcomes from the project. This is exactly what we need – practical fun ways to engage parents in learning.

Sarah Rudd, Headteacher at Newall Green Primary School

I have enjoyed spending time with the parents and children and watching their confidence grow. I have loved how some parents in particular have been so proud of their work and have rushed in in the mornings to show me what they have done with their children.

Nursery Teacher Assistant, Oasis Academy Harpur Mount

“We are still incorporating Mouse Club into our home learning [during the COVID-19 lockdown]. It has been a brilliant resource during these times as it is something that I know they all have at home. Our families love a mouse challenge.” Kate Greer, Nursery Teacher, St Oswalds School, Liverpool.

“Mouse Club has had a positive impact in our school, and it has shifted the focus of the parents’ role, they are beginning to see themselves as partners in learning. The parents feel they are working together with school to support their child’s learning journey.” Teacher, Eaves Primary School

“The children loved getting Mouse ready for school and it has had a big impact on the nursery e.g. the previous year, thirty children weren’t toilet trained – this year it was three.” PSA, Stanley Grove Primary Academy

“With my older children I didn’t really come to things at school. Being involved with Mouse Club and getting to know the teachers changed everything. Now I have a good relationship with the school, I feel part of a community and I understand much more how to help my children. They are doing so much better now.” Parent, St Margarets Primary School

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